Knitting and Crocheting Are Good For you

Have you noticed that the rest of the world is finally catching up with all of us? More and more studies are showing what you and I already know. Knitting and crocheting keeps us healthy! The benefits include pain or stress management, confidence building, and reducing dementia. In addition, knitting and crocheting also connect people to other people because by joining a knitting or crocheting group, a solitary activity turns into a social event.

Best of all knitting and crocheting make people happy, from the person who knits/crochets to those who receive the hand crafted treasures. Now, I am way past ever feeling guilty for knitting when the kitchen sink is full of dishes, but it sure is nice to know that I am doing something good for myself!

What on Earth is “Entrelac”

I will be honest – I had to look up how to spell “entrelac” so I certainly had no idea what this technique was all about! I have, however, seen many patterns using it although I had not seen a pattern that I liked well enough to explore learning this new skill.

That changed last Friday when I saw the bag model for the pattern that Cynthia is using in this up coming class. I have already signed up for it and told the family that I will not be available during this time. When I am at Yarns Sold and Told tomorrow, I will choose my yarn and be ready to discover the mystery behind entrelac knitting. I do not, however, have any idea how to pronounce it.

Call YARNS at 785.820.KNIT for information and drop by and see Cynthia’s bag!unnamed[1]

Sanibel Yarn

Yarns Sold and Told has recently received a simply wonderful, gorgeous yarn called Sanibel that is 42% cotton and 58% viscose. It has a beautiful shimmer, a lovely drape and comes in great spring colors. Marilyn used this wonderful yarn to make a cowl that would be perfect for the upcoming summer months. I can just picture this green cowl paired with a short sleeve t-shirt. Who says Cowls are for winter only?

Quality Matters

As I am sitting in my daughter’s home, I am watching her children eating lunch at the kitchen table. This very beautiful, high quality table was purchased and used by my grandmother many, many years ago. Five generations have enjoyed this table!!

At the same time, I am sitting on the couch reading a book to Emily’s youngest daughter, Audrey, while snuggled up in a blanket which I knitted several years ago. This blanket was crafted from very beautiful, high quality Encore yarn from Yarns Sold and Told. How fun to think that something I created might last for as many generations as Grandma’s kitchen table.

“Make Time for Yarn Every Day All Year Long”

“Make Time for Yarn Every Day” – That is the quote that Knitting Daily uses each day at the end of their television show. I just love this quote although I must say that I already do make time for my knitting each day. Regardless of how busy I may be or even how tired I am, there is always enough time and energy to knit even if the project needs to be a simple garter stitch pattern.

I also knit year around. I love all the wool and wool blend yarn and usually make a blanket each winter and then look forward to all the spring cotton yarns to enjoy all spring and summer. Just as I love living in a climate where the weather changes throughout the year, I love living in a place where I need to change yarns throughout the year. See, I don’t just make time for yarn every day, I make time for knitting with different yarns, the entire year.

A Blanket for Baby Chase

Anytime we discover that someone we love is having a crisis, we always want to do something, anything to help the situation. When we first received the phone call from our son, Patrick, that our daughter-in-law was in labor ten weeks before this grandson’s due date, I immediately began to start making a huge pot of soup for Connor and Abraham to take back to Overland Park for all my children.

Just as providing a pot of soup gave me a way to provide physically for this family, I knew as a grandmother I needed a knitting project made especially for this dear child. I had been working on a cotton baby blanket made from Cotton Supreme Splash yarn. As I was close to the halfway point on this labor of love and continued to knit it while caring for Taycee after Baby Chase arrived in this world, I finished it just before Taycee and I went to see our little 3 pound boy. While I realize Chase may not need this blanket today, this grandma needed to knit this blanket! photo 4

Sublime Lace Yarn

Have you seen the new Sublime lace yarn that recently arrived at Yarns Sold and Told? Talk about breath-taking colors! We have green, gray, tan, blue, purple and pink. The accessories book has several projects that Jane and I have been dreaming of creating. Stop in and see this gorgeous yarn.

It is All in the Color

When I was headed to the store to buy paint for the walls of our kitchen and dining room, each one of the children asked if I was going to buy red paint again. I have had a red kitchen and dining room for 15 years. I have slept in a yellow bedroom for 8 years. I drive a red van. Red and yellow are colors that EVERYONE agrees I just cannot wear. Therefore, I surround myself with these colors in other ways.

When choosing yarn for a project, I always choose colors that the recipient or myself looks good wearing. Unfortunately, this family seems to all wear the same colors. Now, while I love to knit with all these blues, greens, purple, and grays, I do enjoy a red or pink project once in a while. I just need a grandchildren who can wear that beautiful pumpkin color yarn that I have had my eye on for years!

So Many Projects – So Little Time

This past fall I set aside some of the projects I was working on to whip up some Christmas gifts as well as some hats, boot cuffs and other winter items. Now that those projects are done, I am on a mission to complete my big pile of unfinished projects. I also have depleted my stash of washcloths, baby hats, etc. that I try to have handy for unexpected gifts. I also have my eye on some more projects that I have found on Ravelry. I thought it would be wise to make a list of all these projects and prioritize them. There are over TWENTY projects on this list!! So many projects – so little time!

Sitting and Knitting

On this Tuesday that Yarns Sold and Told is closed because of a snow storm, I am imaging Marilyn Parker knitting in her beautiful home overlooking Wilson Lake. If you have been to her house, you may remember that there is the most welcoming “nook” just off of the kitchen where I can picture her sitting and knitting on her unexpected day off. There is this huge window which I bet she is sitting near drinking her coffee with her cat nearby as she watches the snow fall over this beautiful lake. There is probably a pot of soup simmering on the stove.

I would call her and see if this mental picture of her is true but the ringing of the phone as well as talking to me would complete destroy the peaceful tranquility of the whole thing!
photo 2