Llama Lace

I SO adore fiber. I SO adore all fibers. I thought I had created a project from every fiber in the world. Yet, I now realize that I have never knitted with yarn made from the fiber of a Llama. That just may have to change today! Yarns Sold and Told has just received ten different colors of this luxurious yarn. Gorgeous colors and soft, soft, soft. This yarn could be combined with another yarn to make the Metalouse shawl or even other Stephen West shawls. Stop by YARNS and see for yourself.

The perfect cowl

As soon as I walked into Yarns Sold and Told today, I notice new kits! The Rivington Cowl is beyond belief! YARNS has organized this kit with the pattern and the pairing of Jilly Dream yarn with Heritage Silk. Using those two yarns, you are guaranteed the wonderful drape like the model Connie Jo made for the store! As usual, Marilyn got the job of pairing up the skeins as she is our “Color Expert”. Drop by and see these kits or even choose your own yarn for this delightful cowl.

Anzula, Anzula, Anzula

I am actually VERY excited about Yarns Sold and Told receiving a notebook! Anzula has provided us with sample colors of Cricket, Nebula, and For Better or Worsted. However, these colors would be available in all of Anzula fibers and different yarns. We can place special orders for any Anzula yarns and special orders are moved to the top of their dye list. Yarns has Wash My Lace and Nebula in beautiful colors available at the shop now but if you do not see a color you like, we will be happy to order it.

Drop by and see these yarns for yourself

Perfection . . . Not so much

“Created with perfect intentions by imperfect hands” is a new quote I just found. I love it! Fits me to a “T”!

I keep an ongoing list of projects that I am making or want to make for this family as well as a few for myself. Actually, there are very few projects that I DON’T want to make for myself and my family. I look at every skein and hank of yarn at Yarns Sold and Told and every pattern and I want it all! Every time Marilyn and Jane order in new yarn, I want it. Every time Marilyn or Connie Jo make a new model to display at this store, I want it.

While I usually do finish each of these projects on my list. I have noticed that these treasures are not as perfect as other knitters create. But, you know what, that is okay because my family realizes that anything I make is done with 100% love with perfect intentions!

Enchantment shawl

All of us at Yarns Sold and Told have been admiring Connie Jo’s Enchantment Shawl knitted with Cock-O-Dye yarn and Kettle Tweed yarn from Knit One, Crochet Too. To say this yarn is gorgeous just does not do it justice. We have put together kits of these two wonderful yarns and the pattern. Stop by and see this Enchantment Shawl that Connie Jo made and see these beautiful kits.

Also, just wanted you to know that all Addi needles are now 20% off at Yarns Sold and Told.

Can Knit – Can’t Text

I saw the perfect quote on Pinterest just now that absolutely, positively fits me to a “T”.

“I can knit an intricate multi-colored sweater . . . can’t text!”

As the young adults in my life will tell you, I absolutely, positively hate to text. My son, Abraham, absolutely, positively forced me to learn how to text in the first place. I do not understand my phone and have no interest in understanding my cell phone and I don’t even have a Smart Phone!

Now, show me a knitting project, complicated or simple, and there are no lengths I won’t go to try to figure it out. I will work on it for hours alone, (ripping it out, over and over again), I will take a knitting class, I will go to Yarns Sold and Told for help on the knitting project and I will even join a Knit-A-Long to learn the skill. Just absolutely, positively don’t ask me to text anyone about it!

Painted Desert Yarn

I dropped by Yarns Sold and Told on Tuesday and choose one of the gorgeous colors of Painted Desert yarn by Knitting Fever. I started the lace shawl project that has been highlighted by YARNS during our Christmas in July Celebration and I already love this pattern. While it is a project that does not require deep concentration, it has enough interest to keep me from getting bored. Plus the yarn is absolutely wonderful. What more could I want???

Don’t forget that this Saturday is Party Day at Yarns Sold and Told as we have many prizes to pass out, sales and, of course, treats for our Christmas in July Celebration! Fun starts at 10:00 a.m. and we close at 4:00 p.m.

Oh, Look, We Have Yarn!

All of us at Yarns Sold and Told so enjoy visiting with everyone who drops by our store. We love to catch up with the lives of all our friends but we also enjoy visiting with those folks who see our billboard and take time from their travels to come to YARNS. We are quick to ask where the customers are from, where they are going, what yarn shops they have visited and on and on. We enjoy discussing fibers, patterns, etc.

However, the one thing that so many of these yarn loving knitters and crocheters say is that Yarns Sold and Told has one of the nicest selections of so many different fibers of all the stores they have visited as they travel across the United States. While they also remark about our comfortable sit-and-knit area, they are quick to admire each and every skein and hank of yarn in our store. These travelers comment on how wonderful it is to have so many, many choices in one place. We truly have new yarn arriving constantly. Drop by and see for yourself!

New Yarn, New Energy

When I worked with Marilyn last week, we both agreed from the get-go that we were just plain tired. Both of us had enjoyed our company over the holiday but now, we were just out of energy! So, while we certainly enjoyed helping our yarn-loving customers, we did not start any major tasks at Yarns Sold and Told. I had already cleaned the bathroom and organized a little of the yarn in the closet but other than that, Marilyn and I agreed to just relax and knit!

However, three boxes of yarn were delivered. Anyone who knows Marilyn and I realize that resisting yarn is just not in our DNA. So, even though we thought we were tired, we immediately found the energy to re-organize yarn on the shelves to make room for this new yarn and fuss over all the new colors. We even managed to think of a few items to make with the new yarn. Amazing how new yarn gave Marilyn Parker and Nancy Romm all the energy in the world!

Classes with Cynthia

When Emily saw the photo of the Braided Cable Necklace/Bracelet that Cynthia has planned for her class at Yarns Sold and Told on July 26, she immediately told me she just had to have it. She even went so far as to choose the yarn. I guess this project will need to be moved up on my knitting-to-do list!.

She also liked the Christmas balls that Cynthia will be teaching us how to knit on Saturday, July 19th. As she is a Kansas State graduate, I know this ornament would receive a special spot on her Christmas tree!

Join Cynthia at YARNS for both of these classes and watch your weekly announcements from Yarns Sold and Told for more details.