the stage is set

Because we love Christmas in July, all of us at Yarns Sold and Told consider July our favorite month of the year. Our favorite week of the year is certainly this next coming week! Tuesday begins The Central Kansas Yarn Hop and we all just love it. We have been planning for next week for the entire year and everything on our to-do-list is completed and we are ready to go. The new yarn has been purchased, received and put on shelves. The prizes are displayed. Connie Jo and Cynthia have completed our models of the projects in the passport. The children and I have our little free skeins wound and ready for our guests and the entire house (as well as BJ and Connie Jo’s houses) smells like cookies!

The stage is set and Yarns Sold and Told is ready for our yarn hop!

Mark Twain was right!

“To succeed in life, you need two things: Ignorance and confidence – Mark Twain

I am wondering if Mr. Twain was speaking about my knitting. I can look at a pattern for a project and know without a shadow of a doubt that I can knit this project. I can be so confident in my ability that I will spend money for the pattern and the yarn. I MIGHT even read over the pattern once or twice although I have been known to skip that part of the plan. I can even invest a great deal of my life (which I will never get back, by the way) to a project to find out that I just CANNOT do it and therefore, I decide that I don’t WANT to do it. How ignorant is that.

However, I think Mark Twain was right – I am confident in my ignorance!

Just love Ravelry and Pinterest

While my oldest daughter, Emily, was visiting this week with the four grandchildren, we each fixed ourselves a cup of coffee, grabbed my computer and sat down together on the couch to plan the winter knitting for her, the children and even the child expected this Thanksgiving. Because I have pinned so many children items on my Pinterest boards and have so many in my “favorites” on Ravelry, it was so fun and effortless for her to choose patterns for hats and other items for her family. As always, I had her point to an item in the living room that is the correct color for the project and then I can take the item to Yarns Sold and Told to purchase the yarn. Makes all my time on Pinterest and Ravelry worth it.

Bring on Autumn

I just love this time of year! I love watching the World Series (I will really enjoy the World Series if the Royals and the Cardinals are playing in it). I love knitting while watching a football game on T.V. I love the leaves falling, apples in abundance, hot dog roasts, etc. However, the best part of this change of seasons is the knitting-to-do list.

I have once again asked all grown sons to make sure they still have their neckwarmers, the grown daughters are checking the hat situation for all the grandchildren, and my six daughters are also choosing hats, cowls, and fingerless mitts for themselves. In addition, I have several projects to make for myself. At the moment, there are twenty-three projects on the knitting-to-do list and I love it.

Bring on autumn!

Llama Lace

I SO adore fiber. I SO adore all fibers. I thought I had created a project from every fiber in the world. Yet, I now realize that I have never knitted with yarn made from the fiber of a Llama. That just may have to change today! Yarns Sold and Told has just received ten different colors of this luxurious yarn. Gorgeous colors and soft, soft, soft. This yarn could be combined with another yarn to make the Metalouse shawl or even other Stephen West shawls. Stop by YARNS and see for yourself.

The perfect cowl

As soon as I walked into Yarns Sold and Told today, I notice new kits! The Rivington Cowl is beyond belief! YARNS has organized this kit with the pattern and the pairing of Jilly Dream yarn with Heritage Silk. Using those two yarns, you are guaranteed the wonderful drape like the model Connie Jo made for the store! As usual, Marilyn got the job of pairing up the skeins as she is our “Color Expert”. Drop by and see these kits or even choose your own yarn for this delightful cowl.

Anzula, Anzula, Anzula

I am actually VERY excited about Yarns Sold and Told receiving a notebook! Anzula has provided us with sample colors of Cricket, Nebula, and For Better or Worsted. However, these colors would be available in all of Anzula fibers and different yarns. We can place special orders for any Anzula yarns and special orders are moved to the top of their dye list. Yarns has Wash My Lace and Nebula in beautiful colors available at the shop now but if you do not see a color you like, we will be happy to order it.

Drop by and see these yarns for yourself

Perfection . . . Not so much

“Created with perfect intentions by imperfect hands” is a new quote I just found. I love it! Fits me to a “T”!

I keep an ongoing list of projects that I am making or want to make for this family as well as a few for myself. Actually, there are very few projects that I DON’T want to make for myself and my family. I look at every skein and hank of yarn at Yarns Sold and Told and every pattern and I want it all! Every time Marilyn and Jane order in new yarn, I want it. Every time Marilyn or Connie Jo make a new model to display at this store, I want it.

While I usually do finish each of these projects on my list. I have noticed that these treasures are not as perfect as other knitters create. But, you know what, that is okay because my family realizes that anything I make is done with 100% love with perfect intentions!

Enchantment shawl

All of us at Yarns Sold and Told have been admiring Connie Jo’s Enchantment Shawl knitted with Cock-O-Dye yarn and Kettle Tweed yarn from Knit One, Crochet Too. To say this yarn is gorgeous just does not do it justice. We have put together kits of these two wonderful yarns and the pattern. Stop by and see this Enchantment Shawl that Connie Jo made and see these beautiful kits.

Also, just wanted you to know that all Addi needles are now 20% off at Yarns Sold and Told.

Can Knit – Can’t Text

I saw the perfect quote on Pinterest just now that absolutely, positively fits me to a “T”.

“I can knit an intricate multi-colored sweater . . . can’t text!”

As the young adults in my life will tell you, I absolutely, positively hate to text. My son, Abraham, absolutely, positively forced me to learn how to text in the first place. I do not understand my phone and have no interest in understanding my cell phone and I don’t even have a Smart Phone!

Now, show me a knitting project, complicated or simple, and there are no lengths I won’t go to try to figure it out. I will work on it for hours alone, (ripping it out, over and over again), I will take a knitting class, I will go to Yarns Sold and Told for help on the knitting project and I will even join a Knit-A-Long to learn the skill. Just absolutely, positively don’t ask me to text anyone about it!