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What a Decision

You would think that someone my age would be able to make a decision about this yarn!  After all, I spend my entire day making decisions!  Yet, when I look at my new skein of Tahiti yarn that has just arrived at Yarns Sold and Told, I simply cannot decide on a pattern that is worthy of this wonderful little treasure.

This perfect cotton blend yarn is the very first new yarn I purchased last week as I helped Marilyn set out all the new spring yarns.  Needless to say, I grabbed a blue skein before Carla even had them listed in the computer.   I am thinking I just want a simple cowl to wear this spring and summer.  Maybe use the Sanibel pattern that we all made last year or even the Mira’s cowl pattern.  Or maybe just a simple scarf!

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .

Spring has Sprung!

We had no more finished inventory this week and Marilyn, Connie Jo and I were digging through boxes and boxes of all the new yarn that has been arriving at Yarns Sold and Told.  For weeks, I have been waiting for everyone to finish the models made from these wonderful new spring yarns.  I was not disappointed!

As Marilyn organized all the yarn displays, and Connie Jo thought of all the new patterns to highlight these yarns, I, as usual with any new yarn, just touch and dreamed of all the knitting just waiting for me in each lovely skein!

Drop by Yarns Sold and  Told and see for yourself!

Knitting Keeps me from Unraveling

There is not a single day (actually, there might not be a single minute) of my life that I do not knit.  As a homeschooling mother of a big family, my day can get quite crazy.  There is always someone (or the telephone, doorbell etc.) needing my attention.  There is always the never completed “to do” list.

Therefore, my knitting is always handy.  I am one of those knitters who has many projects going at once and so there is knitting in almost every room of the house as well as in each van.  I have been known to knit while cooking and I always knit during meetings.  Somehow the constant repetition of knitting keeps me sane, happy and ready for the day’s challenges.

I just saw the perfect quote on Pinterest:  “My yarn and I are very similar . . . as it begins to unwind, I do too!”

photo (3)Sometimes when winter seems to last forever, you just need a little dab of color. Sometimes you need a whole vest of color! Recently Susan Paine dropped by Yarns Sold and Told to show us her “Side to Side” vest she had created with Gina yarn. This 100% wool yarn comes in a array of gorgeous colors. This vest is a quick and easy but fun project. It was be an excellent choice for a first garment.

A Hat For Frosty

520Like most of you, I love to create anything with yarn. I love to knit anything, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if the patterns are for cowls, scarves, sweaters, dish clothes or blankets. I have even learned to absolutely love knitting socks. Of course, the several pairs I made this past fall for my newborn grandson, Abel, are my favorites. Also, like most of you, my favorite people to knit for are any members of my family. I will truly knit anything for these grandkids!

What a smile it brought to this grandma’s face when I saw this adorable photo of four of my grandchildren playing in the snow. As I was admiring how truly beautiful the children are, I noticed that the snowman is wearing one of the hats I knitted years ago. I guess even Frosty needs a grandma’s love!

Pittsfield Saukee Indians

Isn’t it amazing how certain colors remind us of certain things? Walking into Yarns Sold and Told this morning, I immediately saw some brand new yarns, Night and Day, from Euro Yarns. While there are several colors in the yarn display, all I see are the skeins of red/black yarn.

Growing up in Pittsfield, Illinois, I grew up cheering for the Saukees (named to honor the Indian tribe once located in the area) at all ballgames always dressed in red and black, our school colors. Even in all musical events, debates, etc, we always wore red and black. In fact, I think everyone in town wore red and black. When we were in Pittsfield recently, my sister and I purchased new Saukees hoodies just because of these memories.

So, in honor of the Pittsfield Saukees, I must purchase a skein of this beautiful wool blend yarn! See even my childhood can be remembered in yarn!

Let’s Knit Socks

As a knitter who has just recently began to constantly knit socks, I have gone completely over the top with them. Since there is a limit to how many socks I really need, I knew that my next goal needed to be introducing hand-knitted socks to my girls. Charley loves the pair I gave her for Christmas and Taycee loves the pair I recently gave her. Rebekah tried on a pair and quickly realized that her feet would just get too hot. When Emily was here this week, I had her try on a pair and it was an instant “wow” and I knew she was hooked. That leaves two more daughters, Bethlehem and Katelyn, to jump on board assuring me five out of six daughters would be wearing all these socks.

Now to start on my three, soon to be four, granddaughters!

Don’t forget that as February is sock month at Yarns Sold and Told, all sock yarn is on sale!!!

Spring is Just Around the Corner

One of the best parts of working at Yarns Sold and Told is being invited to join the discussion when each yarn representative from each yarn company stops by. Each suitcase is filled with all kinds of new yarns. Each yarn is so beautiful and I, of course, want it all. Today was just such a day! Yarns has chosen and ordered all kinds of fun spring/summer yarns. Yarns is already thinking of different projects to high light these new yarns. Yarns is already thinking of the next few knit-a-longs.

With the weather so gorgeous today and with all these spring yarns, it makes me think that spring just might be around the corner.

Warm Heads, Hands, and Hearts

One thing I know for sure about knitters/crocheters is that they are very generous people. Whether it is for your own family or friends, giving knitted or crocheted gifts brings joy to all of us.

One of our favorite knitters has asked us to help her collect 50 warm, handmade items to distribute to Ashby House and The Rescue Mission during the fall of 2015. Anything warm will be appreciated: Hats, gaiters/neck warmer, scarves, mittens, gloves or ear warmer headbands. Projects can be for men, women or children. Yarns Sold and Told has a basket to receive these treasures.

Won’t you join us in sharing your love for yarn by helping those in our own community.