Knitting 101

Spending a Saturday at Yarns Sold and Told with Connie Jo Jensen is always great in several ways.  First, I depend on her knowledge  when I need help assisting a customer.  Second, I just plain like Connie Jo. But most important, I always learn something from this experienced knitter.  This past Saturday I learned the most valuable bit of information she has ever taught me.  I learned that even the most experienced knitter can completely blow a pattern.

Connie Jo had finished a cowl that she had made for someone else and was using the leftover yarn to make a second cowl for herself.  After knitting for over an inch in the linen stitch pattern, she made a mistake that even she did not think she could fix!  Now, I did NOT rejoice to see her having to rip out a cowl and start over, but I did learn a very true lesson.  Even the most experienced knitter  can make mistakes and beconnie jo forced to start over.  I guess there is hope for me yet!


I Made This for You!

One of the quotes that I have pinned on my Pinterest board is “It feels so great to say ‘I made this for you'”.  That so sums up much of our knitting projects.  While I do knit for myself and my home, I love to knit for my family.  I just love it when there is a list of items  just waiting for Mom to create.  Recently, three of my girls, Emily, Taycee and Charley, asked for boot toppers.  Being the FAIR mother that I am, I asked the other girls if they wanted them.  They all declined and chose other items for me to make.  Two days later, Katelyn bought new boots and guess what she now wants.  You guessed it – Katelyn wants me to add boot toppers for her to my knitting-to-do list.  But you know what, that’s fine with me.  The truth of the matter is I love saying “I made it myself for you”!

Eeny meeny miny moe

Ever seenmom store a yarn that you just can’t wait to use in a project?  For me, that would be the Anzula Nebula yarn.  When we saw this yarn at market, we all loved it.  Marilyn took the sample that the yarn company gave us back to the hotel and made a swatch that very evening!  It is a superwash merino wool and nylon blend with a hint of sparkles in it.  It comes in absolutely gorgeous colors with 400 yards included in the skein.  It will be the very first item listed on my Christmas wish list card at Yarns Sold and Told and with so many beautiful colors of Nebula, rather than using the ol’ eeny meeny miny moe to choose which color,  I just might let the Santa Claus in my life choose which color to purchase!

My New “Shoulder Cozy”

While walking down the aisle at the grocery store, I heard someone behind me calling out to me to get my attention.  Turning around, I found a dear lady ready to admire my new “Shoulder Cozy” made with Ulura yarn from Yarns Sold and Told.  I, of course, went into great detail about this newly finished knitting project.  I told her how fun it was to knit, how easy it was to knit, how I like all Churchmouse patterns YARNS has in stock, etc., etc., etc.  I then began to tell her how I purchased everything at YARNS.  I then realized that while other people might  think discussing food, recipes or the weather might be the normal topics of conversations at Dillions, to this new knitting friend and I, thoroughly discussing the new shawl was the topic of choice.

A Scarf for Me

Ever realized from the moment that you started a project that you were going to love knitting it just because of the way that the yarn feels?  That was me when I started knitting a cable scarf with Vintage yarn.  It is an acrylic/wool blend that just plain feels good in your hands as you knit or crochet.  It is such a soft yarn and is also quite affordable.  Vintage yarn comes in so many beautiful colors that I had a hard time choosing which color for this scarf.  By using a tan yarn, my cables are showing up distinctively.

It was my plan to make this scarf as a gift, but since the yarn feels this soft, I might just keep it for myself.