Happy to be Knitting in Kansas

Those of us who choose to live in Kansas reside in Kansas because we LIKE Kansas!  Kansans like the change of seasons.  Kansas knitters/crocheters like draping ourselves and our loved ones in scarves, cowls, sweaters, mittens, hats, etc.  We LOVE creating projects with yarn when Kansas receives eleven inches of snow!  Right now, I have a pot of soup on the stove, our wood stove is keeping us warm, the children have just finished baking cookies, and I have began to knit the garter stitch blanket that my son, Corban, requested.  When I pause in my knitting and look out my window, I see lots of snow and my son, Thaddaeus, making snow angels while he is wearing the items I have knitted for him.  Just about Heaven to this Kansan knitter.


Ravelry and Yarns Sold and Told

Don’t you just love Ravelry!  I can spend hours looking at pattern after pattern.  So when Marilyn and I had the opportunity this past summer to attend a seminar with the Ravelry gang, we jumped at the chance.  We met the seven highly energetic young people who bring us this wonderful website.  Yarns Sold and Told is now able to sell patterns that are available for retail to our customers.  We even have a brand new color printer just for this purpose.  The big advantage to this plan is that a customer can find the pattern, buy it and have the pattern in hand to find the perfect yarn for that project.  Ravelry and Yarns Sold and Told – what a great combination!

Grandma’s Knitting Needles

I reach for my Addi Turbo knitting needles 99.9% of the time when I am beginning a knitting project.  Regardless of the yarn fiber that  I am knitting with, I find that my Addi Turbo needles work just fine.  However, there are times when only one kind of needles will suffice.  Once in a while, I refuse to use anything but my 40 year old metal straight needles.  You must understand that these knitting needles were used to knit a blanket for me as well as each of my siblings, these knitting needles were used to make hats for me.  I even remember a poncho or two.  These were used by my grandmother, Dot Sutton, all those years ago on a farm in Central Illinois.  These needles were used to shower three little granddaughters with the love that only a grandmother can give.  Doesn’t it just make sense that I use these same needles at least once in a while to knit for my three little granddaughters now on a farm in Central Kansas?

Great Hats, Mom

Shawndel Ward has had a hard time finding the perfect yarn to use to make hats for the teenagers in her life.  She has found it with Lumio.  Both Lexie and Mykenzee (shown here in photo) love this yarn because they like the reflective element running through the yarn and they love that the yarn is maroon since maroon is one of their school’s colors.  The two girls could not wait until Shawndel completed both hats in one day over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Even her two teenage boys, Ian and Isaac, want the hats as well.  The boys have even suggested that Mom make one of these hats for all the wrestlers and swimmers/divers at Salina Central High School.  Somehow, Shawndel doubts that she will have time to accomplish that many hats!  But guess what, she has made her own teenagers happy.  As a mother of several teenagers myself, any time kids of that age are happy with their mother, that’s a good thing!photo 2