Michael’s Viking Hat

IMG_3400_2When Noni Strand saw this pattern on line, she knew it was the perfect project for her since she is the chaplain at Bethany College and, as you know, they are the Swedes!  She made several for different expecting mothers on campus, and everyone loved them.  Even the students at Bethany want one, and the student knitting group, the Knit Wits, are ready to learn how to knit them!

Michael (pictured here) loves his hat so much that he refuses to take it off although sometimes he wears his hat with one horn in front and one in back!  Still, with a little guy this adorable, any hat would be cute.

Noni shared the link for this pattern  – http:/knittybutton.com//2011/11//27/vandal-helmet/


Arm Knitting

Have you heard of this new technique called “arm knitting”?  I have noticed many people pinning it on Pinterest.  It truly is knitting using your arms like knitting needles. Using a bulky yarn, this project ends up being a bold accessory that seems to be the style with young ladies these days.

Recently Cynthia grabbed some Bravo Big Color yarn and “knitted” a cowl.  Talk about a fast project!  While it would be fun for adults or teenagers who are looking for something fun and different to make, I can see my daughter, Charley, and her little friends doing it as an activity at her eleventh birthday party!  Marilyn has ordered some plain colors that would also work great.  Drop in at Yarns Sold and Told and see what the fuss is all about!photo

Prancer Yarn

photoAre you looking for the perfect yarn to make a vest?  Or, perhaps, a stunning cowl and matching hat?  Or even a hat and mittens?  Prancer would be a perfect choice.  This absolutely wonderful, soft yarn is 100% Lana merino wool and comes in colors that would look nice with any winter coat.  Best of all, Yarns Sold and Told has just put it on sale at 30% off!  Now, if I were smart, I would grab this yarn, make a lovely hat and mitten set, save it for next Christmas and be so proud of myself for being eleven months ahead on my Christmas list . . . although as soft as this yarn is, I know I would never be able to resist wearing it myself!  Either way, stop by YARNS and see what I’m talking about!

A Different Use for Sheets

There is one item that I have never purchased in my thirty-two years of marriage.  That item is a top sheet for a bed.  Any top sheet that has been given to us or has come in a set of sheets are used by the children to cover the card table for a tent!!  Why would no one at our house use a top sheet?  Everyone likes the feel of a knitted blanket against them while they sleep.  We have actually had arguments over these blankets at our house.  Even when guest come to visit, they expect to find a knitted blanket to sleep under.

What a great plan!  I save money on sheets, the children get to play with any odd top sheets that have appeared and I have lots and lots of knitted blankets to make.

Show and Tell

I have often heard BJ remind customers that we at Yarns Sold and Told love “Show and Tell”.  You remember being in Kindergarten and bringing things to school to show everyone?  Well, all of us at Yarns really do enjoy seeing those projects that you have created with patterns and  yarn from our store.

This photo shows the pattern book and the completed sweater that I recently finished.  I wore it to the Tuesday afternoon social knitting/crocheting time hoping that everyone would brag on me!  Know what?  They did!  “Show and Tell” time is still as awesome now as it was in kindergarten!photo