Sublime Lace Yarn

Have you seen the new Sublime lace yarn that recently arrived at Yarns Sold and Told? Talk about breath-taking colors! We have green, gray, tan, blue, purple and pink. The accessories book has several projects that Jane and I have been dreaming of creating. Stop in and see this gorgeous yarn.


It is All in the Color

When I was headed to the store to buy paint for the walls of our kitchen and dining room, each one of the children asked if I was going to buy red paint again. I have had a red kitchen and dining room for 15 years. I have slept in a yellow bedroom for 8 years. I drive a red van. Red and yellow are colors that EVERYONE agrees I just cannot wear. Therefore, I surround myself with these colors in other ways.

When choosing yarn for a project, I always choose colors that the recipient or myself looks good wearing. Unfortunately, this family seems to all wear the same colors. Now, while I love to knit with all these blues, greens, purple, and grays, I do enjoy a red or pink project once in a while. I just need a grandchildren who can wear that beautiful pumpkin color yarn that I have had my eye on for years!

So Many Projects – So Little Time

This past fall I set aside some of the projects I was working on to whip up some Christmas gifts as well as some hats, boot cuffs and other winter items. Now that those projects are done, I am on a mission to complete my big pile of unfinished projects. I also have depleted my stash of washcloths, baby hats, etc. that I try to have handy for unexpected gifts. I also have my eye on some more projects that I have found on Ravelry. I thought it would be wise to make a list of all these projects and prioritize them. There are over TWENTY projects on this list!! So many projects – so little time!

Sitting and Knitting

On this Tuesday that Yarns Sold and Told is closed because of a snow storm, I am imaging Marilyn Parker knitting in her beautiful home overlooking Wilson Lake. If you have been to her house, you may remember that there is the most welcoming “nook” just off of the kitchen where I can picture her sitting and knitting on her unexpected day off. There is this huge window which I bet she is sitting near drinking her coffee with her cat nearby as she watches the snow fall over this beautiful lake. There is probably a pot of soup simmering on the stove.

I would call her and see if this mental picture of her is true but the ringing of the phone as well as talking to me would complete destroy the peaceful tranquility of the whole thing!
photo 2