Let’s Knit and Crochet

My sister, Kathy, just sent me a “pin” on pinterest with a quote saying, “If I can’t take my knitting, I’m not going!” That so describes me. I truly always have my knitting in the car and usually even have one of those cute little draw string bags from Yarns Sold and Told attached to my purse. Therefore, people ask me about knitting constantly.

Some people are just commenting on my project as a passing comment, but others express a real interest. Some have even asked me to teach them how to knit. As I do NOT have the gift for teaching, I quickly tell them how Jane Alsop teaches Beginning Knitting and Cynthia Adcock teaches Beginning Crochet at Yarns Sold and Told. I have even started carrying some of YARNS business cards to pass out to these future crafters!

Give these ladies a call and set up a time to learn why some of us always grab our projects as we walk out the door! Remember YARNS telephone number is 785-820-KNIT.


A Sock Yarn for Summer

When I walked into Yarns Sold and Told recently, I just had to find out what the buzz was all about! Several of the ladies were discussing the new sock yarn that has just arrived. Naked Sock is a wool free yarn consisting of 93% acrylic and 7% PBT which gives it some elasticity. This is the perfect yarn for anyone who struggles with wool in their garments as well as a perfect yarn for the summer. Naked Sock also comes in beautiful colors. What more could a knitter/crocheter want?

It’s a New Book by Norah Gaughan!

There really is no way to describe Norah Gaughan’s designs. Anything she creates is beautiful and her patterns are always a delight to follow. We have her latest book which has several projects that I think I need to create.

Several are for Maya, Captiva and Folio and Yarns Sold and Told have several new spring like colors of these delightful yarns. Stop and see the shawl that Connie Jo knitted from this book with Folio yarn.

Happy Mother’s Day

My husband, Charles, was quite thrilled when I told him that he had already purchased my Mother’s Day gift without even knowing it! When Anzula was at Yarns Sold and Told a few weeks ago, I purchased the most wonderful blue hand dyed yarn called Milky Way. It is 80% milk protein and 20% superwash merino. He was actually quite taken with it when I showed it to him. Of course, when he mentioned that he had planned to take the family out for breakfast on Sunday, I was very quick to take him up on that offer!

All of us at YARNS hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day and have some time to just relax and knit or crochet to your hearts content!

The Most Important Rule of Knitting

When I started knitting nine years ago, I learned very quickly several rules that I always follow. I do not knit for anyone who does not appreciate hand made items. I always let the recipient choose the yarn, color, etc. Most importantly, I ONLY knit with the best yarn on the market. That does not mean I knit with the most expensive yarn on the market. Because I knit so many items for little people and I realize their mommies do not have time to fuss over hand washing baby items, I use lots of Encore, Pacific, Heritage and Cherub yarns from Yarns Sold and Told. I have also found that I can knit with these high quality yarns without spending much more than I would spend at the local “box stores”.

Using these yarns has allowed this family to collect many, many hats, sweaters, blankets, baby socks, bibs, etc. that are being passed down from baby to baby. In fact, the hat the Chase wore in these newborn photos is a hat that I made for his cousin, Jacob, and little Huck also wore this hat. It still looks brand new. Therefore, as I have continued to follow the rule of knitting with high quality yarn, this family has a lovely collection of knitted items made by this grandmother. Now, that’s a rule worth remembering.