Recently my oldest son, Logan, called home and mentioned that he had just purchased a new sofa. Since, as everyone knows, knitting is always on my mind, I asked if he bought this new piece of furniture to match the afghan that I had knitted for him for Christmas. He paused and then told me that his roommate’s dog had destroyed it! Knowing that I had trained my children so carefully in the value of knitted treasures, I asked him if he had gone ballistic! My son then stated that while he had not lost his temper at this dog owner, he did say he got a new roommate!!!

See, I knew Logan knew the value of a knitted blanket. I think he deserves a new afghan for Christmas this year.


Now I Like Milk

In an effort to complete several projects that I “had on the needles” at the time of the Anzula Trunk Show at Yarns Sold and Told, I waited until now to start on my Milky Way scarf. This wonderful, gorgeous yarn is made almost entirely of MILK! I had demanded that Marilyn stop everything she was trying to accomplish one day that we were working together and find the perfect pattern for me to use this special yarn. I LOVE this yarn as well as this pattern.

Even as a child, I was never fond of milk (to be honest, having to drink a glass of milk would probably kill me). Only if it has lots of chocolate, sugar and been frozen at Dairy Queen, do I ever see a true use for this dairy product. Now, I know the best use for Milk – Milky Way yarn from Anzula.

I will be contacting my congressman to demand that all milk be used in yarn.

Necessity of Hobbies

As I look around this living room, I am shocked, once again, just how many books my husband has purchased or received as gifts. The house is completely full of these written treasures. I, in my vast wisdom, have my book library on my Kindle so I never have to dust them and also because I can hide just how many books I have. Obviously, I feel quite superior to my darling husband.

Then I take another look around this room and I see just how much of the clutter has something to do with my hobby of knitting. Here is a completed dress for a granddaughter, a pattern that I just downloaded off of Ravelry, a bag of scrap yarn for Charley to wind into skeins for the Yarn Hop. Also beside me, are my current two projects as well as my huge knitting bag with other projects, my notions bag, etc.

Years ago an older gentleman told Charles and I that he and his wife NEVER took time for any hobbies and strongly suggested that we make hobbies an important part of our lives. We have laughed many times during the last thirty years how we took that advice and RAN with it.

I Can Knit Without Electricity!!!

We have just spent over six hours this morning with no electricity. I needed to do some computer work but needed electricity. I needed to do laundry, but needed electricity. I needed to run the vacuum, but needed electricity. Everything I started to do, I needed electricity.

Finally, as I started to go do a job and realized yet again that I could not do that job because I needed electricity, I saw my knitting project laying on the coffee table. Forget the computer, laundry etc. I will just relax and knit on a little shirt for Audrey and let those wonderful, important electricity workers worry about everything else.