Oh, Look, We Have Yarn!

All of us at Yarns Sold and Told so enjoy visiting with everyone who drops by our store. We love to catch up with the lives of all our friends but we also enjoy visiting with those folks who see our billboard and take time from their travels to come to YARNS. We are quick to ask where the customers are from, where they are going, what yarn shops they have visited and on and on. We enjoy discussing fibers, patterns, etc.

However, the one thing that so many of these yarn loving knitters and crocheters say is that Yarns Sold and Told has one of the nicest selections of so many different fibers of all the stores they have visited as they travel across the United States. While they also remark about our comfortable sit-and-knit area, they are quick to admire each and every skein and hank of yarn in our store. These travelers comment on how wonderful it is to have so many, many choices in one place. We truly have new yarn arriving constantly. Drop by and see for yourself!


New Yarn, New Energy

When I worked with Marilyn last week, we both agreed from the get-go that we were just plain tired. Both of us had enjoyed our company over the holiday but now, we were just out of energy! So, while we certainly enjoyed helping our yarn-loving customers, we did not start any major tasks at Yarns Sold and Told. I had already cleaned the bathroom and organized a little of the yarn in the closet but other than that, Marilyn and I agreed to just relax and knit!

However, three boxes of yarn were delivered. Anyone who knows Marilyn and I realize that resisting yarn is just not in our DNA. So, even though we thought we were tired, we immediately found the energy to re-organize yarn on the shelves to make room for this new yarn and fuss over all the new colors. We even managed to think of a few items to make with the new yarn. Amazing how new yarn gave Marilyn Parker and Nancy Romm all the energy in the world!

Classes with Cynthia

When Emily saw the photo of the Braided Cable Necklace/Bracelet that Cynthia has planned for her class at Yarns Sold and Told on July 26, she immediately told me she just had to have it. She even went so far as to choose the yarn. I guess this project will need to be moved up on my knitting-to-do list!.

She also liked the Christmas balls that Cynthia will be teaching us how to knit on Saturday, July 19th. As she is a Kansas State graduate, I know this ornament would receive a special spot on her Christmas tree!

Join Cynthia at YARNS for both of these classes and watch your weekly announcements from Yarns Sold and Told for more details.

Happy Independence Day

For the Romm Family, Independence Day is the most anticipated holiday of the entire year. Not even Christmas is more exciting than the July 4th celebration to this family! So, as all the grown children and grandchildren begin to arrive for the weekend, I am missing my oldest son, Logan, who is serving our country in the United States Navy.

As always, when I am missing someone, I cast on a knitting project for that special person. So even though it is the middle of the summer, I am casting on Logan’s huge knitted blanket using Encore yarn.

It is our hope at Yarns Sold and Told that as you celebrate this important holiday that you are surrounded with red, white and blue yarn as a reminder of the uniqueness of the USA!