More Boot Cuffs Please

When I received my last haircut, I noticed that my beautician was wearing the boot cuffs that I knitted for her last year. I asked her if she wanted me to make dishcloths for her this year or would she prefer another pair of boot cuffs. Before I could finish my sentence to add that if she preferred, I could even purchase a gift card at her favorite coffee house rather than knitting something, she said five words. “I want more boot cuffs!!!”

Don’t you just love knowing that something you make is truly loved and wanted? Don’t you just love seeing your projects worn and enjoyed?

That is one of the best reasons to knit or crochet!


The Perfect Answer

Realizing that I needed Connie Jo’s assistance on the socks I am knitting for my husband, Charles, I dropped by Yarns Sold and Told yesterday after taking my daughter, Charley and my son, Thaddaeus, to the dentist. Now, having been in and out of this store for years and even helping with little jobs at times, my children love to dropped by. Thaddaeus, being a ten-year old boy, asked if Mrs. Parker would have any candy that the dentist would let him eat after the dental work, but Charley had a much more important question for me.

Charley wanted to know at what age someone would need to be to work in a yarn store! When I asked her why she would want to work at Yarns Sold and Told, she gave the perfect answer. Charley said, “You know, Mom, I just love yarn and I just love this yarn store!” Perfect answer.

A Christmas of colors

Even though I tend to wear the same colors every day, I really love my knitting projects to vary in colors. After finishing three little girl hats for the granddaughters in tan and brown, I started two dino hats in green and orange. Charley has asked for a hat in red and black and I have almost finished her pink and purple socks.

Just as I was finishing Patrick’s plain brown stocking hat, my husband, Charles, said he would like a new hat. Of course, the only color for my sweetie is Kansas State purple! I just didn’t tell him that Justice has requested a Jayhawk hat so I will be knitting with blue, red and yellow.

Unwrapping all these projects on Christmas morning in so many, many colors, I know for a fact that the Romm’s Christmas will be “Merry and BRIGHT”!

Knitting and Crocheting are healthy activities

Recently The Salina Journal published an article by Sammy Caiola entitled “Health Benefits of Knitting”. The article quotes how knitting as well as crocheting triggers healthy brain, as well as joint, activity. All yarn loving folks will tell you that knitting/crocheting are also great stress relievers.

Now, I just have to tell you, that in my own life and in so many lives of my friends at Yarns Sold and Told, this love of creating with yarn is certainly a health benefit. Without my knitting, I am completely impatient while waiting for my husband and children. Without my knitting, I get bored quickly. In addition, creating for my family brings lots of joy as each projects says “I love you”. My little grandson, Jacob, has even been known to bring Grandma’s knitting bag to her whenever he sees me sit down! Even this little one knows that if Grandma is sitting, Grandma is knitting!