It’s A Sale

Friday, December 26th, 2014, is a special day at Yarns Sold and Told as all regular priced in stock items in the store are 25% off. What a perfect time to gather the patterns and purchase the yarn for all those projects that you want to create during those cold, snow filled days.

For me, there just isn’t anything more relaxing than a fire burning in our wood stove, soup simmering on the stove in the kitchen, a cup of coffee nearby and my knitting. Drop by YARNS today while we are having our after Christmas sale and make the most important preparation for the winter . . . lots of yarn!


Yesterday when I opened the mail from my parents, I found a wonderful new photo of the two of them on their Christmas card. My first thought was what a nice photo of them. My second thought was how nice the sweater that I had made for her look in the photo. How fun to see my project in a Christmas photo. How fun to see a project that I make being enjoyed by someone. After all, that’s why I knit!!!

A Beautiful Little Bag

There are three teenage girls in my life that do so much for me as well as other people. With Christmas coming, I thought this would be a perfect time to give each of them a little gift to show how much they are appreciated. As always, I knit the same gift. As always, that gift is a make-up bag.

Using whatever yarn I want, using whatever needles I want and casting on how many stitches I want, I knit around and around and around for as many rows as I want. In the end, it is always the same. A beautiful little bag to hold some beautiful little treasures for some very special young girls!

Christmas is Coming (and my birthday and anniversary)!

My husband, Charles, has always liked the fact that my birthday, our wedding anniversary and Christmas are all in the month of December. Since I was working at YARNS today, he called and asked me to complete my request card for gifts for all three occasions. Since the ONLY gifts I have received from my sweetie for the last ten years have been purchased at Yarns Sold and Told, he really has such an easy time of shopping.

So, with Connie Jo’s help, I added more items to my little card from Yarns that all of us use to make our wish list of yarns, notions, etc. Let the shopping begin!