Knitting Keeps me from Unraveling

There is not a single day (actually, there might not be a single minute) of my life that I do not knit.  As a homeschooling mother of a big family, my day can get quite crazy.  There is always someone (or the telephone, doorbell etc.) needing my attention.  There is always the never completed “to do” list.

Therefore, my knitting is always handy.  I am one of those knitters who has many projects going at once and so there is knitting in almost every room of the house as well as in each van.  I have been known to knit while cooking and I always knit during meetings.  Somehow the constant repetition of knitting keeps me sane, happy and ready for the day’s challenges.

I just saw the perfect quote on Pinterest:  “My yarn and I are very similar . . . as it begins to unwind, I do too!”


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